Cheap International calls

We offer cheap international calls using local dial-in numbers. Just call a local number and we will connect you to your international destination. No contracts. Just super low rates with superior call quality.

Oh, and the first call is free. Try it now!

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How does it work?

Our service works with any landline or mobile phone with any operator.


Step 1 - Dial-in local number

For each international call you get a local mytello dial-in number. No internet, roaming or data plan needed.


Step 2 - We transfer the call

After you dial in the local number, mytello connects you to your destination number in a blink of an eye.


Step 3 - Enjoy your conversation

Now you can enjoy your call as long as you want, with the best quality and the lowest rates possible.


We combined the best call quality with super low rates.


Works from any phone

You can use mytello with any phone. It doesn't matter if it's mobile or landline. All you need is a phone signal.


Low rates

We offer the lowest rates on the market and the best quality you can get. All of that without hurting your wallet.


No contracts or obligations

Our service works on a pre-paid basis. No monthly subscriptions, no hidden fees or minimum charges.


Crystal clear quality

We make sure the sound quality of our calls is top-notch. Your conversation is clear and smooth. Always.


First call is free

You can test mytello yourself. Without any obligations, your first call is totally free and you can do it right now!


No internet needed

All you need is a phone. Mobile or landline, it doesn't matter. No internet needed, no data plan or roaming.


This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.


How does mytello work?

We offer cheap international calls by giving you a local dial-in number for every international number you want to call. So you only make a local call and we connect you to your international destination.


Why is it cheaper to use mytello for cheap international calls?

Basically you only make a local call in order to connect to our system. That means you either pay nothing or very low. We offer very competitive rates to more than 200 countries in the world.


How much is it? How do I pay for mytello?

Our service charges on a per minute basis depending on your destination. Our rates start from 1 cent per minute. You can buy credits via different payment options. You can use that credit to make international calls.


Here is what people say about our services.

Billig ins Ausland telefonieren , 4.7 out of 5 based on 28 ratings

I use mytello to call my sister. She lives in the USA. With mytello I can call her anytime and save a lot of money. I’m really happy that I found this service. Well done!

Berlin, Germany


I moved to Leicester from USA two years ago. I use mytello to stay in touch with my family. With mytello it really is just like a local call. I have tried a lot of different solutions but nothing can beat this price and quality.

Leicester, UK


I founded a startup about a year ago. Right now I have a lot of international customers I have to keep in touch with. This service helps me save a lot of money on international calls.

Sacramento, USA


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