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Rates in TRY. Rates are charged in cents per minute, calls are rounded up to next minute, set up fee of five cent per call.

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mytello FAQ

mytello is the smart way to make high-quality and low-cost calls to international landlines and mobiles. Learn more about how it works in our FAQ, and if you have a different question, we’re here to help via e-mail or via live chat.

  • How much is a call to Macedonia with mytello?

    You can call Macedonia for 1.06 / minute to a landline and 2.35 / minute to mobile.

  • How do i call to Macedonia with mytello?

    You tell us the international number you want to call and we’ll give you a mytello dial-in number to reduce the calling cost. Simply call the number and you will be connected to the international number.

  • How does mytello charge my call?

    Your call costs are paid for using your pre-paid mytello credit. Incomplete minutes are rounded up and there may be different tariffs for value added and special numbers.

  • How can I top-up my mytello credit?

    Log in to your mytello account and use the add credit link at the top. Then simply choose your amount and top-up using Paypal, a credit card or Paysafecard. Your credit never expires, unlike with other call providers.

  • What is the cost for calling the dial-in number?

    Our dial-in numbers are landline numbers within your own country. If landline calls are included in your contract, and you have available free minutes, then you won’t be charged anything by your network provider. If landlines aren’t included, or you have no free minutes available, you will be charged by your network provider at the local call rate.

  • How can I see my current credit?

    You can check your current credit balance in your mytello account area or in the mytello app. You can also see all of your contacts and calls, including the duration and the cost.

  • Does mytello work with every network provider?

    You can use mytello on all mobile or landline networks.

  • Can i use while i'm abroad with my mobile phone (roaming)?

    No. That doesn't work, you can only call abroad from your country (the country of your sim card).

iPhone (iOS) App cheap calls to Macedonia.
Android App cheap calls to Macedonia.

mytello app for iOS and Android

As well as using our dial-in number, you can also call Macedonia directly from your smartphone using our free app. It automatically filters your international contacts, so you can simply call with a tap.

  • Free to download for iOS and Android.
  • Filters and shows all international contacts.
  • One tap to call.
  • See your live balance and call information.
  • Make international calls on the go, for less.
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Learn more about cheap calls to Macedonia

Read more answers to common questions on making cheap calls to Macedonia. In this guide we cover calling codes, rates, and how mytello works.

mytello uses dial-in numbers to reduce the cost of calling internationally. For example, if you have a relative in Macedonia, instead of calling their phone number you would call a dial-in number within your country. Your call would then be connected to your relative in Macedonia. The result is much cheaper calls to Macedonia from your landline and mobile phone.

The calling code (also known as the dialling code) for Macedonia is +389 or 00389. Good to know, but with mytello you’ll never have to remember this, as we use a simple landline number to connect you to Macedonia. You dial the dial in number, we connect you to Macedonia and you save money on call costs. To learn more about calling codes, check out the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) website.

The prefix (also known as the calling code or dialling code) for Macedonia is +389 or 00389. Once you’ve set up your free mytello account, enter the number you’re calling in Macedonia, including the prefix, and we’ll use a local dial-in number to save you up to 90% on each call.

Our service works like a calling card, only much easier. There’s no need to buy a card and no pin or numbers. You simply open a free mytello account online, enter your contact’s phone number, add credit and save up to 90% on every call.

Yes. Whether you want to call to Macedonia from your landline or mobile, mytello lets you do it cheaply and easily. Simply set up a free mytello account and follow the steps to make a call. You can even make calls through the free mytello app.

Lots! More than 125,000 customers have already used mytello for their international calls.

Yes. You can call Macedonia from your mobile using mytello. It doesn’t matter which network you’re on and you can call any landline or mobile in Macedonia. You can even use the free mytello app to make calls to Macedonia from your mobile phone.

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