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Rates in US Dollar incl. VAT, no connection fee, minute rounding, different tariffs for value added and special numbers.

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Here we have answered the most important questions. If you have a question that is not listed here, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or via live chat. We are happy to help :-)

  • How much is a call to Great Britian with mytello?

    The rate to Great Britian is 1 / minute to landline and 4.5 / minute to cell phone.

  • How does mytello work?

    For each international number you want to call you get a local mytello dial-in number. You call this local mytello number and will be connected to the international destination.

  • How does mytello charge the calls?

    The calls to Great Britian will be charged by mytello and not your carrier. You add calling credit and the calling costs with be taken from that prepaid credit.

  • How can I top-up mytello credit?

    You can topup calling credit via Paypal, credit card and paysafecard. The credit has no expiry date.

  • How much is the cost for calling the local dial-in number?

    Our local dial-in numbers are landline numbers. If landline calls are included in your contract, you don't get charged extra from your carrier. Otherwise, you will pay the local call to your carrier.

  • How can I see my current credit?

    In the member area you can always see your current credit. You can also find all your calls and for each call the duration and the costs.

  • Does it work with every carrier?

    Our Service is fully compatible with any landline or cell phone carrier.

  • Is there a contract or any obligation?

    No, there is no contract and no obligation. You add credit and use that prepaid credit for your calls.

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mytello for iOS and Android

With our app you can call to Great Britian directly from your smartphone. The app automatically filters and shows you all your international contacts.

  • Filters and shows all international contacts.
  • Make calls with 1 click directly from our app.
  • Live credit information and call detail records.
  • Call Great Britian landline 1 and cell phone 4.5.
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Cheap calls to Great Britian

Save up to 90% on your calls to Great Britian.

Cheap calls to Great Britian.

By using mytello you can make much cheaper calls to Great Britian from your landline and cell phone.

Great Britian calling code

mytello offers calling codes to make cheap calls to Great Britian.

Prefix for Great Britian

With mytello you can save up to 90% on your calls to Great Britian.

Calling Card Great Britian

Our service works like a calling card, but without any pin code or numbers, it's much easier.

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If you want to call to Great Britian from your landline or mobile, mytello is the service for you.

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You can use mytello to Great Britian from your cell phone.

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You can call to Great Britian from any landline phone.

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mytello offers very low rates to Great Britian.

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My boyfriend studies for one year in Great Britian and we searched for a good solution to keep in contact.


I use mytello for my international calls to Great Britian from my landline phone and it works great.


What I like most about mytello registration is it's only one step and it works like a charm.


My wife is not from Israel and she moved here recently right after our marriage, so she wants to stay in contact with her relatives.


Top 5 stars for mytello, everything works perfectly, great call quality and easy to use.


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